Sharks have always had a reputation for being deadly killers - dubbed as the bloodthirsty monsters of the deep.

But despite this reputation, when we look at the reality of the body count on Earth today, the real killer has to lie firmly in the hands of humans.

A study in the journal Marine Policy revealed that 100 million sharks are slaughtered by humans every year, sharks take the life of 12 humans a year.

Marketing boss Joe Chernov was appalled by this estimate and resolved to work with Robin Richards to represent how shocking the number really is.

The vast majority of the shark killings are by fishermen for their fins and flesh, specifically to make shark fin soup - a dish seen as an extravagant luxury in Asia and particularly common in China.

Sharks are captured, their fins cut off and discarded into the ocean where they will almost unquestionably bleed to death.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay described shark finning as 'the worst act of animal cruelty' he's ever seen.

The infographic below demonstrates the shocking reality of what human beings are doing to our oceans.

Are you concerned about being a sharks lunch? Sharks are, as this infographic demonstrates, much more afraid of getting eaten by you. Be prepared to scroll for a while:

Created by Joe Chernov and Robin Richards

Created by Joe Chernov and Robin Richards

Organizations like the Shark Conservation Society, Stop Shark Finning, Humane Society International, as well as documentaries like Sharkwater, and environmental campaigns on The Pew Charitable Trusts are all working to raise awareness of and ultimately prevent shark finning. 


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