TV Host Eamonn Holmes 'Would Try' Veganism For The Animals

The presenter said he was interested in animal welfare
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Eamonn Holmes presenting This Morning with Ruth Langford (Photo: ITV)

Eamonn Holmes presenting This Morning with Ruth Langford (Photo: ITV)

Charity Veganuary appeared on TV show This Morning today - to talk about the benefits of the lifestyle.

After the segment, titled Is Veganuary the latest new year trend?, the show's hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langford asked the audience whether they would give it a go.


According to the results of the casual poll, 35 percent of respondents would try veganism.

Holmes himself said he was willing to try it himself.

He said: "I like the idea of the book (which ) and I like the idea of moving towards vegetarianism and then veganism."


Holmes added: "My thinking about it would be just the same as Matthew's [Glover - co-founder of Veganuary] which is animal welfare.

"You have to think about that."

Viewer Laura Riley, who contacted the show, agreed, saying: "Going vegan isn't just for health benefits - although that's a huge incentive.

"It's for animals, the environment, and your health.

"It's important to connect with what's on your plate."