Declan Donnelly Wants To Go Vegan - Inspired by Simon Cowell

The TV star said Cowell is 'looking good' - and that he will have to look into his 'secret'
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Declan Donnelly (right) with his presenting host Ant McPartlin (Photo: ITV)

Declan Donnelly (right) with his presenting host Ant McPartlin (Photo: ITV)

TV presenter Declan Donnelly has hinted that he may go vegan - inspired by music mogul Simon Cowell.

The Britain's Got Talent host has said he will 'have to look into the lifestyle' after admitting the Cowell is 'looking good' after moving towards a plant-based diet.

'All vegan'

"Simon's looking good," Donnelly said in an interview. "He's gone all vegan… vegan shepherd's pie, vegan sausages, what's that about?" Dec quipped: "Is that the secret? I'll have to look into that!"

Cowell revealed earlier this year that he was in the process of ditching all animal products. At the time, he still had to give up fish. Cowell credited the diet for his improved health and for losing 20lb.

He also told The Sun his new diet had made him more handsome - saying 'I was an eight [out of 10] and now I've gone to an 11' he said, adding: "I have more energy and focus and it wasn't difficult. I don't like to use the word diet because that's the reason I never went on a diet before - the word diet makes me miserable."