'Dancing Carrot And The Kalers': Greener TV Launches In UK

Greener TV was inspired by a social startup group that aims to tackle climate change and global food insecurity by making low-carbon and sustainable living simple, viral and actionable
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Greener TV has just launched in the UK this morning.

In much the same vein as Veganuary, its aims are to encourage people to cut out animal products - but instead of January, it's every Monday.

The team are set to create a series of fun and amusing videos, which they feel will make the campaign approachable and amusing.


The Greener TV team got thinking about how we could get more people to become vegetarians or vegans. 

They noticed that ‘Flexitarian’ diets - eating plant-based foods at least one day a week - are becoming increasingly popular. Although it’s not the complete answer, it’s a great way for people to transition into a better lifestyle for themselves and the environment. 

They found out about a movement in Asia doing something similar, which has been encouraging millions of people to cut out meat on Mondays, and have decided to bring it to the UK in the form of Greener TV. 


Imagine the impact it’s already having on reducing CO2 emissions and how much greater that could be if people took part in our country too?

Like them, you may be a full vegetarian already, or you may be starting that journey. Either way, you’ll know how great a plant-based lifestyle can be. They want to inspire more people to experience this by choosing to go meat free on Mondays at least. 

Everything they do is based on solid research and their belief that, if people are going to change, we’ll need to inspire them.

You can find more about the campaignhere


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