Dairy Fined After Manure Spill Kills 3,500 Fish In Indiana

The spill was reportedly the result of overfill and heavy rains
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The incident wreaked havoc on the local ecosystem

High Point
Dairy of Lynn, Indiana has agreed to pay over $10,000 USD after a manure spill
from the establishment killed 3,5000 fish and wreaked havoc on local wildlife in
April of of last year.


The company
will pay a civil penalty fine of $,9600 USD as a result of the incident and has
also agreed to pay $1,775 USD to the Department of Natural Resources.

to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management,
this is not High Point
Dairy's first violation of proper procedure.

Dairy Industry Alleged Corruption

Human injuries are also commonplace within the dairy industry, with one fatality in New York just last week


The spill
reportedly occurred as the result of overfill - a situation which owner Robert
White says was exacerbated by heavy rainfall.

He now
estimates that it was roughly 5,000 gallons of manure that polluted the
surrounding ecosystem and killed the animals in question.