Celeb Vegan Pamela Anderson Offers Free Plant-Based Meals to Mayor Of 'America's Fattest City'

The star believes the move could improve the city's health
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Anderson believes a healthy plant-based diet can help you shed unwanted pounds (Photo: Instagram)

Anderson believes a healthy plant-based diet can help you shed unwanted pounds (Photo: Instagram)

Former Baywatch actor Pamela Anderson has offered the mayor of America's No. 1 'fattest city' free plant-based meals.

The star - who is also a Honorary PETA Director - wrote to the newly elected Mayor of Jackson Mississippi, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, to offer a month's worth of free lunches.

She believes the mayor could "set a healthy example" to his constituents by eschewing animal products for a month.


In her letter, Anderson wrote: "As an admirer of your work on the Mississippi Human Rights Collective, I want to congratulate
you on your new role as mayor. I support your pledge to make Jackson 'the most radical city on
the planet'.

"With this in mind, I'm writing today with an idea that would further allow you to serve as a role
model to the community:

"Since Jackson was recently named one of the fattest cities in America,
would you consider going vegan for a month as a way to set a healthy example for your
constituents to follow?

"You'd be in great company - among those who have publicly pursued
vegan eating are Sen. Cory Booker, Tom Brady, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Bill Clinton, Carrie
Underwood, Russell Simmons, and many others." 


Anderson believes that following a healthy vegan diet can lead to a healthy weight. She said: "Vegan eating has been linked to a lower body mass index and lower caloric intake than diets that are heavy in meat, eggs, and dairy foods.

"Vegans are also at lower risk of suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, which are some of the biggest killers in this country."

She added that vegan options are easy to find in the city - and listed some of the options available.

There has been no word yet as to whether the Mayor has taken Anderson up on her proposal.


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