Campus Reps Required As Students Go Vegan 'In Huge Numbers'

Vegan charity PETA is looking for students to spread the word at university
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An increasing number of UK students are becoming vegan (Photo: Yingchou Han)

An increasing number of UK students are becoming vegan (Photo: Yingchou Han)

Vegan charity PETA has launched a new campus rep program in a bid to 'help passionate young animal activists speak up for animals'.

According to the organization, a huge number of UK students are now ditching animal products, and require a network of like-minded animal advocates, as well as tips and advice on enhancing their activism skills as well as free materials about animal rights issues.

The duties of campus reps will include organizing on-campus outreach events and informing peers about important animal rights issues. PETA will pay a stipend to support these advocacy efforts.

'Huge numbers'

PETA Director, Elisa Allen, said: "Students in the UK are going vegan in huge numbers, and PETA looks forward to mentoring some of these driven, compassionate individuals through its new Campus Rep Programme.

"We encourage every young person who cares about animals and is interested in honing his or her activism skills and making a difference in the world to apply for this opportunity."

The organization is now accepting applications for the positions. Applications for the positions are open until 20 August.