Boris Johnson 'Trying Vegan Diet' - Thanks To His Girlfriend

The Tory politician previously said he would never give up meat to save the planet - but now he appears to have changed his outlook
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Tory MP Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is reportedly giving veganism a go (Photo: Arno Mikkor)

Tory leadership favorite Boris Johnson is trying out a vegan diet, according to the Mail Online.

The Conservative politician reportedly told a fellow MP that he is 'toying with going vegan', saying 'I'm trying it out'. He added that he lost 12lb in two weeks after ditching meat, eggs, and dairy.

His girlfriend Carrie Symonds, Former Director of Communications for the Conservatives, describes herself as a conservationist. She often tweets about the environment, animals, and plastic pollution, and has been credited with the shift.

However, while she may have persuaded Johnson to ditch animal products from his diet, it seems unlikely he will be persuaded to adopt the vegan philosophy, as he has voiced his support for fox hunting in the past, and revealed in 2017 that he supports bullfighting.


The change is all the more surprising due to Johnson's previous position on eating meat. In 2008, he wrote a column for The Telegraph titled Save the planet by cutting down on meat? That's just a load of bull.

His article, in response to an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report which recommended people reduce their meat, described the proposition as 'so irritating' that he wanted to eat more meat.

"If they seriously believe that I am going to give up eating meat - in the hope of reducing the temperature of the planet - then they must be totally barmy," he wrote.