Beyoncé Reveals How She Lost Weight On A Plant-Based Diet In New Video

The musical icon adopted the diet before her 2018 Coachella performance, candidly talking about her weight gain with twins
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Beyoncé got in shape following a plant-based diet 

Beyoncé got in shape following a plant-based diet 

Beyoncé has posted a video onYouTube detailing how she lost weight following a plant-based diet.

The diet, created by physiologist Marco Borges, is called 22 Days Nutrition. In the run-up to her performance, Beyoncé followed it for 44 days. It includes foods like soup, salads, smoothies, and protein bars.

In the video, the musical icon reveals her starting weight of 175lb, saying she had a 'long way to go' to get to her chosen weight. She said that after having twins, she was 'a woman that felt like my body was not mine'.

Plant-based diet

Speaking about the diet in the video, Borges says: "We're going go 100 percent plant-based from now through to Coachella.

"We know the power of vegetables, we know the power of plants, we know the power of foods that haven't been processed and are as close to vegetables as possible. 

"Plant-based is really about eliminating all of the overly processed foods that don’t do us any good anyways. When you're eating plant-based you will definitely have more energy...your mood is going to change completely."

'Getting in shape'

Beyoncé adds: "Me getting the weight off was so much easier than getting back in shape and my body feeling comfortable."

By the end of the video, the singer-songwriter reveals she fit into her costumes, saying: "It's a big deal. I'm coming back!" 

The video highlights the 22 Days Nutrition Meal Planner Borges and Beyoncé created together, which they say 'offers members access to tools and foods that empower everyone to become their healthiest self through proper nutrition'.