BC Farm Fined $17,000 For Manure Lagoon Spill And Waste Spreading

The incident posed a risk to a nearby water supply
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Manure Lagoon Spill

Keeping a 'manure lagoon' - containing the feces of animals bred for profit - is common practice in animal agriculture (Photo: Facebook)

An ex-farmer
in Spallumcheen, British Columbia has been fined $17,000 CAD as a result of a
manure lagoon spill, and the spread of agricultural waste on three occasions in


Grace Mar
Farms' lagoon overspill and manure spread both posed a risk to the nearby water supply
and surrounding environment.

The owner
at the time, John Kampman received the fine as a result of violating guidelines
posed by the Pollution Abatement Order and the Agricultural Waste Control

Dairy farm accidents

A dairy farm in Indiana was recently fined $10,000 USD, also as a result of a manure spill


Kampman -
who has since sold the farm to an undisclosed buyer - told Infotel:
paid my fine, it was fair"

what happens, there was an accident that happened and I paid the fine.”


Incidents such as this are not uncommon in animal agriculture.

An Indiana
farm was recently fined $10,000 USD after a manure spill killed roughly 3,500
fish and polluted the surrounding ecosystem.