'Animal Rights Isn't A White Thing,' Says Vegan Activist Nikki Ford

The chef and pro bodybuilder says she is inspired by many amazing black activists
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Activist Nikki Ford with vegan rapper Grey (Photo: PETA)

Activist Nikki Ford with vegan rapper Grey (Photo: PETA)

A vegan chef, bodybuilder, and activist has spoken out about how animal rights is not just a white movement.

Nikki Ford, who campaigns for vegan charity PETA, made the comments in a video for the organization.

"When you hear the words 'animal rights' or 'vegan', many people think it's a white thing and that couldn't be further from the truth," she said.

'Amazing black vegan activists'

Ford says when she started taking part in demos, she did feel a little 'lonely' as she would often be the only black woman. But as she researched, she discovered 'amazing black activists who were writing really insightful blogs about animal rights and being vegan'.

"I realized there are different forms of activism," Ford said. "Just because everyone isn't able to show up and protest in person doesn't mean they aren't committed.

"To think only white people care about health, animals, and the planet is absolutely false. There are so many black vegans who have contributed to the cause, that when we call it a white thing, we are leaving out our own people who are making a difference."

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