WATCH: How To Make 'The World's Most Powerful Vegan Post Workout Smoothie'

The plant-based recipe combines a host of fresh fruit and veggies
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The drink is tasty - as well as healthy

The drink is tasty - as well as healthy

This exclusive video for PBN features Miles from Healthy Crazy Cool sharing his top recipe for a post-workout smoothie.

Miles, a Registered Nutritional Therapist, describes the drink as 'the world's most powerful' - featuring an array of ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties.

He says: "It helps your muscles to repair and rejuvenate and it's also great for endurance.

"If you're someone who works out hard multiple times a day, you drink this smoothie between your sessions, trust me - you'll kill it."

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He adds: "Every ingredient I'm putting in the blender is important and beneficial for muscle recovery, repair, endurance and overall athletic performance."

Talking about the number of athletes who are switching to a plant-based diet - and thriving - Miles says: "A plant-based diet is extremely anti-inflammatory.

"Whenever you work create a lot of inflammation and oxidative stress...a plant-based diet helps to [manage this]."

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