World's First Vegan Food Court Adds Pizza Restaurant To Its Offerings

There will be seven vegan eateries to choose from
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The eatery will offer a range of different foods

The eatery will offer a range of different foods

The world's first all-vegan food hall which opened in Miami in April has added a pizza outlet to its offerings.

vShops - which opened at the end of April this set - is set to house seven vegan restaurants by Fall this year. Currently, there are three; Choices Vegan Cafe, Neo's Blender organic smoothie bar, and the recently opened Next Generation Pizza.

vShops is the brainchild of the owners of Choices Vegan Cafe, who say they wanted to start 'partnership of vegan businesses focused on bringing the world a unified and well-rounded approach to the benefits of plant-based living'.

Pizza is coming to vShops

Rise of plant-based

Lori Zito, President of vShops, told local media: "With the rise of the plant-based movement, and with so many new vegan eateries popping up in Miami and beyond, [Choices Café's founder Alex Cuevas] noticed that he was still never able to enjoy a wide variety of choices at food-hall-type venues - whether in traditional food-court settings or even with the recent rise of upscale food halls.

"He connected with like-minded investors and operators to start Miami's very first 100 percent vegan food hall.

"His vision was, and is, to create a space with a diverse range of all the amazing types of food a vegan would want to have in one place."


The next outlet set to open is Ice Dream Parlor, which will offer cones, sundaes, banana splits, floats, and milkshakes among other treats.

Zito said: "We are really excited about [Ice Dream Parlor]. in South Florida there aren’t any vegan ice-cream parlors to satiate us on these hot summer days. It has always been a dream of mine to somehow revisit those vintage days of my youth and serve ic- cream that brings joy to people and is also good for animals and our planet.

"I am so excited to be able to bring to life the dream 100 percent vegan ice-cream in a parlor style shop with all the traditional offerings. That is why we chose the name Ice Dream Parlor."