Whole Foods To Launch Vegan Pea Milk In The UK

The latest dairy-free alternative to hit the shelves has been featured in Whole Foods UK 's 2019 food trends predictions
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'Turns out it's easy being green' (Photo: The Mighty Society)

Whole Food has announced plans to release vegan pea milk in its UK stores, following the skyrocketing demand for dairy-free alternatives

Mighty Society's pea milk is predicted to be one of this year's UK food trends and will launch in Whole Foods Market exclusively later this year.

More calcium than cow's milk

The milk, made from yellow split peas, contains 8g of protein per glass, which is eight times more than most almond milk.

It also has nearly half (40 percent) less sugar than cow's milk and twice the calcium.


The Mighty Society said on Facebook: "Our goal is simple. Keep everything on our planet healthy and hap-pea!"

It takes 100 times more water to farm almonds than peas and 25 times more water to farm dairy, making it one of the most sustainable alternatives to dairy.

Pea milk creators, Ripple Foods, who currently only sell in the US, claim its pea milk creates nearly a quarter of the emissions of dairy milk and produces significantly less (86 percent) greenhouse gas emissions than almond milk.