Weight Loss Company Launches Vegan Products To Meet Demand

The brand says people were requesting plant-based options 'on a daily basis'
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The new products will launch in August (Photo: Lex Sirikiat)

The new products will launch in August (Photo: Lex Sirikiat)

UK 'intermittent fasting' brand Lighter Life has launched two vegan options - in response to what it calls 'daily requests' for plant-based products.

The products are aimed at both people trying the 5:2 diet, in which a normal calorie intake is consumed five days a week, with an intake of 400-500 calories on the other two days - and those following Lighter Life's own 'Fast Philosophy' diet.

The new products - LighterLife Fast Super Green Soup and LighterLife Fast Banana Porridge - contain around 200 calories per serving. They are made by mixing the sachets with water.


Rob Rona, Director of New Markets, Products and Services, said: "The demand for vegan products is continuing to rise on an almost daily basis and, as a brand, we feel it's important to cater for all lifestyle choices.

"The launch of these new products not only adds more variety to the existing range, but they allow new markets, including vegans, to try out the 5:2 diet without worrying about calorie counting or nutritional implications."

The products will launch in Superdrug in early August.