WATCH: 'World's Fittest Vegan' Rich Roll On How To Transform Your Health

He talks about the 'power of plants' to fuel performance
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??The incredible athlete is 51 years old

??The incredible athlete is 51 years old

Plant-based wellness advocate Rich Roll was recently described as 'the World's Fittest Vegan' by Men's Health magazine.

In this interview with PBN, Roll talks about how to transform your health, and how he overcame adversity including alcohol addiction - to become a high performing athlete.

Rich Roll is best-known for competing in Ultra Iron Man events - and he's come a long way since his days as a self-confessed 'junk food addict' who was overweight.

World's fittest

So is he the world's fittest vegan?

"I would take quite an issue with being dubbed the world's fittest vegan," he told PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell.

"I'm a fit vegan, I would hardly call myself the fittest vegan though. Plenty of super fit vegans out in the world. I think it generates traffic when you create a hyperbolic title."

You canwatch the full interview on YouTube here