WATCH: Vegan Dr. Garth?Davis Calls Out 'Lying?Doctors'?In?'What?The?Health'?Showdown

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Renowned plant-based physician Dr. Garth Davis and What the Health director Kip Andersen made an appearance on TV show The Doctors recently - and blasted the show's doctors for being 'liars'.

In a heated debate about Andersen's documentary, Dr. Davis called out the show's Dr. Travis Stork for lying.


Discussing the Rice Diet - a diet which found that protein is the culprit causing heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease - Dr. Stork began saying: "The truth is, it's such a low-calorie restrictive diet..."

But plant-based Dr. Garth Davis called Stork out on this, saying: "That is not science - that's a lie, Travis. 

"What you are doing is lying to this public."

Writing about his appearance on The Doctors on his on his blog, Dr. Davis said it 'felt like a hit job' on him and Kip Andersen.

Watch Ryan Lum from Happy Healthy Vegan break down what happened on the showhere


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