Virgin Trains Launches Hot Vegan Breakfast Option - And Soya Milk

A spokesperson hinted there may be more to come
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Vegan breakfast pot on Virgin Trains

The breakfast pot features mushrooms, hash browns, spinach and baked beans (Photo: Virgin Trains/Facebook)

Virgin Trains has launched a hot vegan breakfast option - and has started offering soya milk in tea and coffee.

According to a social media post: "We’ve officially launched our first ever VEGAN breakfast onboard filled with mushrooms, hash browns, spinach and baked beans!"

The meal - which launched in the onboard shop this week - costs £3.80.


A spokesperson for the company suggested the range of vegan offerings may be expanding in the future.

Speaking about whether they would be offering a vegan yoghurt, they said: "We'll always look to move with the times so you never know what offer may come next."

The vegan breakfast is available on all Virgin Train's services - but not Virgin Trains East Coast.