PBN EXCLUSIVE: Veganism, Videos, And Social Media - An Inteview With Unilad

Unilad is the biggest page on Facebook
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In this exclusive interview with the Original Video Director at Unilad, PBN Co-founder Robbie Lockie digs deep into some fascinating topics.

Veganism, creativity, and social media are all discussed in this conversation with Unilad's Christopher Gribbin.

As the biggest page on Facebook - with a reach of more than 350 million people a week - Unilad has made waves with its vegan-focused content.

Gribbin says: "People scroll through their newsfeed and you get about three seconds to grab their attention.

"You have to then keep them engaged for another couple of minutes - in a topic they may not necessary want to hear about."

He talks about how he does this - and more -in the full interview here