Vegan Supermarket Opens In South Korea

The shop is the first of its kind in the country
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Korea's First Vegan Grocer

The shop boasts a wide selection of vegan products (Photo: Instagram)

An all-vegan supermarket opened in Seoul, South Korea last week, as part of the country's
burgeoning vegan movement.

Vegan Space

The shop,
Vegan Space, is in the Haebangchon district of the Soul - which has a population
of 10 million.

Vegan Space's offerings include plant-based products such as soap, canned goods, cereals, pasta, and
nondairy milks - all of which consumers can take home in environmentally friendly shopping bags.

Vegan Festivals in Korea

South Korea now hosts multiple vegan festivals annually (Photo: Instagram)

On the rise

Veganism is
a movement on the rise in South Korea - despite the fact that it was labeled
one of the world's 'worst countries' for vegan by Huffington Post just four
years ago.

The country
is now host to a number of vegan festivals each year, a growing number of plant
based restaurants, and - as of last week - the nation's first fully vegan
grocery store.