Vegan Society Wades Into Air New Zealand Impossible Burger Row

The airline has made many headlines after launching the American Impossible Burger on some flights
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The plant-based Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods

The plant-based Impossible Burger is being served on some Air NZ flights (Photo: Impossible Foods)

The NZ Vegan Society has waded into the Impossible Burger row surrounding Air New Zealand.

The airline will be serving the burger on its Los Angeles-Auckland flights in Business Premier until late October in a bid to offer more innovative menu options. The patty is part of a vegetarian burger build featuring Gouda cheese, caramelised onions and tomatillo cream.

A number of the country's MPs have attacked the airline for offering an American plant-based patty, instead of the country's homegrown beef and lamb, with Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters saying: "Air New Zealand is an airline built by the New Zealand taxpayer, was privatised, was bailed out by the New Zealand taxpayer, and is there because of the taxpayer. Some of the taxpayers are the farming industry who want to ensure they get top end of the product market offshore and our airline should be its number one marketer."


Now The New Zealand Vegan Society has added its opinion, saying it is 'delighted' to see Air NZ 'acting responsibly and looking to offset it's emissions from flights, by using innovative new plant-based foods to win over its passengers'.

Vegan Society's Media Spokesperson, Claire Insley, said: "What we eat is the single biggest action we can control and we acknowledge Air NZ for offering a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to their usual beef and lamb menu.

"While we know the airline will continue to offer New Zealand beef and lamb, it’s our hope we will soon see New Zealand plant-based brands on board too."