Vegan Oat And Almond Milks Booming In UK Coffee shops

The products have seen 4x year-on-year growth
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Baristas in a coffee shop

Oat and almond milks are becoming more popular in UK coffee shops (Photo: Licensed from Adobe. Do not use without permission)

Vegan oat and almond milks continue to grow in popularity, according to the UK Coffee Shop Report commissioned by Square.

The Report analyzed sales data from independent coffee shops and cafés across the UK to reveal the busiest time of day for coffee shop sales — between 10am and 11am — and the average price for a drink in a coffee shop or café — £2.44.

It also found that these plant-based alternatives to dairy milk have seen 4x year-on-year growth.

Vegan milk

"We've noticed an increase in the popularity of plant-based milks this year," Catherine Seay, Co-owner of Curators Coffee in Central London said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

"In the past, drinking alternative milks was mainly driven by dietary intolerances, but the popularity of plant-based diets have seen our alternative milks such as oat and soy increase significantly."

Woman gives thumb down to dairy

More people are ditching dairy (Photo: Licensed from Adobe. Do not use without permission)

Dairy alternative market

This coffee shop boom ties in with market forecast data which shows that the dairy alternative market is set to grow globally to exceed $24 billion USD within eight years.

The sector, which was valued at $9.8 billion in 2017 is forecast to grow at a CAGR [Compound Annual Growth Rate] of 12.4 percent until 2025.

The sharp rise in veganism is one of the reasons for the sector's growth, as well as lactose intolerance, dairy allergies, and the general growth of the beverage market.