'Vegan' Least Appealing Marketing Term, Says Study

Some respondents also responded negatively to the term 'sustainably sourced'
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Food and Beverage Shopping

In the survey, respondents indicated the greatest preference for the term 'fresh'

A recent
on consumer trends found 'vegan' to be the least appealing food and
beverage marketing term among US adults.


In the
study, conducted by technology and media company Morning Consult, respondents
were asked to indicate whether a series of terms made food more or less
appealing to them.

A whopping
35 percent of those surveyed said the term 'vegan' made products seem 'less
appealing' - while only 17 percent said it made them seem 'more appealing'.

percent indicated that the term did not affect the appeal of a product.

Ethically Sourced Product

Nine percent of respondents also said the term 'ethically sourced' makes products 'less appealing' (Photo: Instagram)


There was a notable discrepancy in response based on the participants age group.

29 percent
of adults aged 18 to 21 responded positively to the term 'vegan', while older
adults - classified in the study as 'Boomers' - showed a positive response rate
of just 14 percent.


This, and
other evidence from the survey, suggests that the idea of ethical consumerism may be off-putting to some US citizens.

Eight percent
of respondents said the term ‘sustainably sourced’ made products ‘less
appealing’, while nine percent said the term 'ethically
sourced' had the same effect.