Vegan Industry Maven Heather Mills To Debut Cosmetics Line

The VBites owner says that the upcoming collection will be among the first to be 'truly vegan'
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Heather Mills Entrepeneur

Mills has invested in a number of successful plant-based companies (Photo: IG)

Famed entrepreneur,
athlete, and animal advocate
to announce
the upcoming launch of an entirely vegan, internationally available cosmetics


Mills, who owns vegan brand VBites, describes the collection as the first to be both internationally
available and 'truly, truly vegan' - assuring her followers that its creators
have ensured this down to the last detail.

She said: "A
lot of people are advertising that they're vegan, but they don't know that a
lot of things were previously tested on animals."


Mills did
not release the name of the upcoming line, or go into details about the products - but noted that the project is one she is excited to announce.

will be great to actually put something on your face like the stuff that we
make that's bright, and colourful and makes us feel alive in the morning."