Vegan Gin Makers Now Refill Empty Bottles In Sustainability Drive

The company says the move has multiple benefits - including saving customers money as well as generating less landfill
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Brentingby Distillery gin

Gin from Brentingby Distillery

A distillery has started refilling customers empty bottles with its vegan gin in a bid to be more sustainable.

Brentingby Distillery, in the East Midlands, has taken a number of steps this year in becoming more eco-friendly.

As well as offering refills, the distillery is now powered by a wind turbine - making it one of the first distilleries to be powered by wind.

Vegan and sustainable

"In line with our efforts to be sustainable, Brentingby now offers refills," the company said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

"Bring in your empty bottles and we’ll fill them back up with gin at a reduced price.

"Good for the environment and good for your bank balance."