Vegan Burger With Plant-Based Egg Launched By Fast Food Outlet

The sandwich is described 'Southeast Asian-inspired'
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Vegan egg burger

The Rasa Sayang Burg (Photo: Supplied)

A vegan fast food outlet in San Francisco is launching a new vegan burger topped with a plant-based egg.

VeganBurg will debut the Rasa Sayang Burg - which literally translates to 'Feel The Love' in Malay - in its eatery on the Haight today (September 7).

The sandwich features a home-seasoned and breaded crisp porcini mushroom patty with a vegan fried egg, and topped with cucumber slices, caramelized onions, vegan aioli, lettuce and homemade sambal sauce - a red fiery sauce made mainly from chili, rice vinegar and garlic.

Vegan egg burger


Alex Tan, Founder and Burger Director of VeganBurg said: We're bringing back the color, opulence, consciousness and the love of the Haight with a taste of classic heart-warming Southeast Asian flavors.

"For many, we're certain that the Rasa Sayang Burg will bring to their delight a familiar taste of Southeast Asia. We cannot wait to share this delectable experience with everyone!”

The Rasa Sayang Burg will be available for a limited time while supplies last, retailing for $12.90.