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Vegan Brioche Bun Created By Leading Food Service Group

The organization wanted to meet the growing demand for vegan products
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Vegan brioche roll

The new brioche roll has been created to meet growing vegan demand (Photo: Supplied)

A leading foodservice group has launched a vegan brioche bun in a bid to meet growing demand for animal-free foods.

Foodservice specialists Kara, of the Finsbury Food Group, says it wants to grow its offering to 'suit consumers who couldn't enjoy a classic brioche bun due to their dietary needs'.

Brioche traditionally contains egg and butter - which are substituted in this version for vegan alternatives - with Kara saying that despite these changes to the historic recipe, the buns 'do not compromise on flavor, color or texture'.

Vegan rise

"After witnessing a rise in both veganism and interest in brioche amongst different diners, we knew we had to begin offering an option that could hit both markets with a product that satisfies the need for brioche whilst suiting the vegan lifestyle," said Danielle Meehan, Foodservice NPD Manager.

"This brioche-style bun still delivers all the flavors of a classic brioche but is a more inclusive premium burger carrier perfect for both vegan and non-vegan diners."