Vegan Beauty Box Subscription Service Launches In The UK

Kindlook aims to reduce animal suffering and make 'cruelty-free' products more accessible
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Kindlook Vegan Boxes

Kindlooks's boxes are priced at £23.99 per a month (Photo: Instagram)

A new monthly subscription service, Kindlook, has launched in the UK - offering vegan beauty products, free of animal testing to subscribers.


Five or more products will come in each of the subscription boxes - which are priced for affordability at £23.99 per a month.

Consumers can also place orders on a one-off basis, and still save on the boxes, which have an average estimated value of £70.

Kat Von D Vegan Products

Kat Von D Beauty will be among the brands featured in the boxes


The company aims to make the transition to a fully vegan beauty routine easier, and more affordable for its clientele - while saving animals from the trauma of product testing.

A statement on the company website reads: "The suffering and loss of an animals life, for the sake of a cosmetic product, we feel is not justified - especially
considering there are lots of cheaper, quicker, and more accurate humane
alternative tests available."