Vegan Accuses Domino's Of 'Sabotage' Saying Cook?Hid?Meat On Pizza

The pizza chain has called the claim 'absolute nonsense' apologizing for what it describes as a 'genuine mistake'. The chain offered the customer a refund and free meal
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Domino's pizza with meat on it

The pizza had pieces of meat on it (Photo: JayJay Palmer)

A vegan has accused pizza chain Domino's of 'deliberate sabotage' after finding meat on her pizza.

According to a review made by JayJay Palmer on the Facebook page of her local County Durham branch, the meat was 'hidden under the dough with sauce on top'.

Domino's has branded the claim 'absolute nonsense', but apologized to Palmer, offering her a free meal and a refund.

Vegan pizza?

"Just a warning out there against Domino's Pizza Spennymoor," wrote Palmer in her complaint. "Me and my partner made an order and made it very clear I'm vegan.

"When the pizza was delivered It had bits of chicken sliced and hidden UNDER THE DOUGH with sauce on the top to try and hide. And they had hidden little bits of sausage that they had chopped into to smaller bits and tucked under the mushroom...

"Thankfully I spotted the meat and rung the shop back now unwilling to eat and the staff not believing me I had them pick it up and inspect it. The manager then rung me back to apologize and offer a refund and a free order [sic]."

'Genuine mistake'

"When Ms. Palmer made her complaint we immediately apologized for this genuine mistake and offered Ms. Palmer a full refund which she refused," said a spokesperson for Domino's.

"It's absolute nonsense to suggest this was 'deliberate sabotage'.

"While we don't currently have a vegan pizza on our menu the appetite for vegan pizza continues to grow."