UK Dairy Drops £1.2 Million On Advertising To Combat Growing Vegan Movement

The new campaign is specifically designed to target millennials
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Dairy Industry

This will be the second year of the campaign

UK Dairy
and the Agriculture And Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) have put £1.2
down on an updated version of last year's dairy advertising campaign - designed to target millennials and
combat the vegan message.


The money
has been given to The Department Of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs to
provide a 'refined and updated' version of an existing pro-dairy campaign developed by the organization.

The second instalment
of last year's campaign, which was the first of its kind since 2013, is forecasted
to launch in October.

??According to UK Dairy, generation Z is next on the advertising hit list

??According to UK Dairy, generation Z is next on the advertising hit list


research after the first campaign reportedly showed that 8% of participants were less likely
to reduce dairy intake, and 8% were less likely to replace dairy products with

UK Dairy
CEO Judith Bryans credits the change in attitude to a 'move away from
traditional media'
designed for the target audience.

She also
said that there plans in the works to target the UK's generation Z next - who, according
to recent research,
drink 550 percent more vegan milk than their older counterparts.