UK Chain Pizza Express To Launch New Vegan Dishes - Including Cake

The new options will include a pizza topped with jackfruit
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The new vegan carrot cake will launch this Autumn (Photo: Pizza Express)

The new vegan carrot cake will launch this Autumn (Photo: Pizza Express)

UK Chain Pizza Express will launch new plant-based dishes on World Vegan Day as sales of its meat-free food continue to soar.

According to the outlet, its mid-year figures showed that sales of its award-winning Vegan Giardiniera had increased by 36 percent.

As a result, a number of new dishes will become available on November 1, in celebration of World Vegan Day.

New dishes

The new dishes include Peperonata pasta - a gluten-free pasta dish featuring penne with tomato and pepper sauce, seasoned with garlic and herbs and garnished with fresh rocket.

A new plant-based pizza will also hit the menu. The Vegan Puttanesca is topped with marinated jackfruit in a traditional Puttanesca sauce featuring tomatoes, olives, capers, garlic and herbs.

In addition, a new dessert option will become available - the vegan-friendly carrot cake.

The new Vegan Puttanesca (Photo: Pizza Express)

The new Vegan Puttanesca (Photo: Pizza Express)

Vegan offerings

Timothy Love, Senior Marketing Manager at Pizza Express said: "Considering that almost a third of all evening meals eaten in the UK are now vegetarian or vegan, and over a fifth (22 percent) of the population is actively choosing gluten-free foods, it's no surprise to see this consumer behaviour driving restaurant and delivery meal choices.

"We’ve led the restaurant market, developing a full range of vegan and vegetarian offerings with over 20 toppings to choose from, plus we were early to introduce gluten-free dishes.

"This innovation is set to continue, and we're delighted to see such positive response to our menu."