UC Berkeley Offers Course In Veganism And Sustainability

The program is attracting meat eaters and vegans alike
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Berkeley Students

Students from a variety of majors are enrolled in the program (Photo: Facebook)

famed UC Berkeley is offering a veganism and sustainability focused lab at its Sutardja
Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Foods Lab

The Sustainable
Foods Lab program focuses on animal product alternatives, food tech, and the relationship
between diet and environment, health, and animal welfare.

The website
says the lab aims to help 'entrepreneurs and researchers investigate the next
generation of foods'.

The curriculum
emphasises both the knowledge, and practical skills required to develop new
plant-based products for a more sustainable future.

Impossible Burger

One student says she hopes to outshine the Impossible Burger (Photo: Facebook)


from a variety of dietary and academic backgrounds are participating in the

Vegetarian business
major Etisha Lewis said:
"I'm really interested in how to make a plant-based
diet accessible to working-class people and people from underserved

On the
other hand, meat-eating nutrition major Hailey Zhou is focused on changing the
plant-based market.

She said: "Ideally,
I'd like to develop a product line that will make a bigger impact than
Impossible Burger, which only displaces a segment of the public demand."