WATCH: The Truth About Dairy - In 2 Minutes

'We are told milk is a health food - but that simply is not reality - it's marketing'
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Dairy products can contribute to a raft of health issues

Dairy products can contribute to a raft of health issues

A new video outlines some of the health issues around dairy consumption - in just two minutes.

The video, created by Switch4Good - a health advocacy organization founded by Olympic medal-winning athlete Dotsie Bausch - dissects the components of milk, including saturated fat and natural female hormones among others.

It concludes: "Most of us have grown up believing dairy is a health food - we're told it builds strong bones and turns athletes into champions. However, that simply is not reality - it's marketing."

Dairy and health

The video says: "What's wrong with dairy? Well, let's start with what dairy is and where it comes from. Dairy is breast milk, or what scientists like to call mammary secretion.

"Other than water, this milky white cow concoction saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, and a sexy cocktail of natural female hormones. 

"All dairy contains saturated and trans fats, even skim in trace amounts. Cheese is the number one source of saturated fat in American diets. Pizza is number two."

You can watch the full video on YouTube here



The Twisted History Of Milk In America

Why do adults still drink milk? Why do we obtain it from an entirely different species, let alone a being that is not our mother? Why do we continue to guzzle down a drink that leaves us bloated and uncomfortable hours later? It simply does not make sense