Top Vegan Chicken Brand Sunfed Launches In Australia

The New Zealand-based brand was already available in more than 250 stores across its home nation. Now Australians can get their hands on it too
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Vegan chicken from Sunfed

Vegan chicken from Sunfed

Vegan chicken from much-hyped New Zealand brand Sunfed has landed in Australia.

The chicken, which is made from pea protein and pumpkin among other ingredients, can now be found in Coles stores across the country.

Sunfed Chief Executive Shama Lee told Business Insider that the company will 'use its scale to invigorate, and not exploit [resources]; to energize and not disempower, to add value and not just take'.

Many people have been impressed with the product

'Exactly like chicken'

Speaking about the product, Lee has said: "We've invented a clean water-based process by which pea protein cooks, feels and tastes exactly like chicken.

"There's a stigma about meat alternatives, and we are the only ones with this amount of taste and texture. 

"We have a 4.5 health star rating, double the protein of chicken, triple the iron in beef. It's very versatile, we don't hide behind flavors or sauces."