How One Top Designer Is Saving The World With Vegan Fashion

Textile creators and fashion designers are working hard to create alternative options to the fast fashion garments and materials that are harming the planet and its inhabitants
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Handbag from LaBante London

LaBante London creates fashion that's timeless and sustainable (Photo: LaBante London)

The damage wreaked on the planet by fast fashion is becoming an increasingly hot topic - leaving more consumers opting for eco-friendly, vegan options.

As a result, brands are starting to look at how they can create covetable clothing and accessories, which don't cost the Earth.

Some designers - like Stella McCartney - have publicly called for major fashion houses to work together, and change the way they manufacture, to create a sustainable design system.

Sustainable vegan fashion

Other designers have always used sustainability as a focal point of their brand. Vanita Bagri is the Founder and CEO at LaBante London, which produces luxury handbags and sunglasses. LaBante London is vegan-certified, and focuses on using materials that are eco-friendly as well as animal-free.

Bagri describes this philosophy as 'fashion with respect' - saying she wants to give consumers the experience of luxury, craftsmanship, and a timeless aesthetic - while respecting the world we live in.

The materials she uses is just part of this; creating accessories that last is another key facet of sustainability - as it reduces your need to keep re-buying.

"We offer a one-year warranty on our products because we believe in slow living," she told Plant Based News. "We are not a fast fashion brand - the major part of our collection will be classic designs so that your wardrobe stays evergreen and you can help reduce the amount of consumption and waste in this world."

plastic bottles in a bag

LaBante London recycles plastic bottles that would otherwise be sent to landfill

Turning waste into fashion

But Bagri recognizes that waste is inevitable - and has managed to repurpose some of it in her designs. She uses recycled plastic bottles to make polyester lining for her handbags - which prevents the waste from going to landfill.

"The state of our planet - and our oceans - is something that's of utmost importance to us as a brand," she said.

"There's a lot of plastic being thrown in the oceans, and it impacts sea life. How much more is it going to take for everyone to wake up and see the problem?

"Our small contribution in reducing plastic ending up in our oceans is by using recycled polyester for the interior in all our handbags. We also use recycled fabrics for our dust bags, and our paper swing tags are recycled as well as recyclable."

Standing against PVC

LaBante also stands strictly against using environmentally-unfriendly materials like PVC. "We are PVC free because it cannot be broken down by the environment, "says Bagri.

"We believe it is important to be both cruelty-free and sustainable. Sustainability in fashion isn't given enough importance, especially by the big boys out there.

"But someone needs to take a stand. Everyone has to do their bit to save the world. That's what we're trying to do - one bag at a time."

*This is a paid for advertorial for LaBante London.