'It Tasted Like Meat': Television's 'The Doctors' Try The Plant Based Impossible Burger

Host Dr. Stork said he would 'unequivocally' grill the burgers at home
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Physicians from TV show The Doctors tasted the plant-based Impossible Burger for a recent segment - and said it tasted 'like meat'.

According to show regular Dr. Andrew Ordon, he 'really enjoyed' the patty.

High tech heme

Talking about why the patty is so similar to animal meat, co-host Dr. Sonia Batra says: "Apparently, the science behind this is heme - an iron-containing molecule that you see in plants and meat and in this case they have actually taken that molecule from soy and they are taking it in a lab and creating it in yeast then putting it in.

"That's the secret - or the magic ingredient."

Dr. Andrew Ordon adds: "So it's basically a soy and potato burger, and obviously the faux accessories - it's a faux cheese, it's a faux mayo, obviously it's real lettuce - but don't you think it tastes just great?"

The doctors all enjoyed the burger (Photo: The Doctors)

The doctors all enjoyed the burger (Photo: The Doctors)


The trio agree the burger tastes good - and is indistinguishable from a traditional beef patty.

Dr. Batra says: "It's completely 100 percent vegan and actually the mission behind this burger and the people who created it was not actually just trying to pander to a vegan audience, it was about sustainability and being really good to the Earth."

Show host Dr. Travis Stork concludes: "I like it.

"Compared to any other vegetable burger I've ever had, this is so far above those in terms of being like meat, I would grill these - unequivocally."

You canwatch the full segment on YouTube here


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