Taste Testers Needed To Try New Vegan Baileys

It's a tough job - but someone has to do it
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The new tipple is suitable for vegans (Photo: Baileys)

The new tipple is suitable for vegans (Photo: Baileys)

Much excitement surrounded the release of Bailey's vegan liqueur earlier this year.

The brand's traditional drink is full of cream - meaning it is unsuitable for anyone following a plant-based diet.

The new tipple - Baileys Almande - is dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and also gluten free. 


Now a website called TestersKeepers has put out a call looking for people to taste test the drink and write a review.

According to the site: "The new Baileys Almande is luscious, full of nutty flavours of sweet almond oil, cane sugar, purified water and almond essence which is extracted from crushed almonds, with a touch of real vanilla."


It adds: "Reviewers will receive one bottle each to test and give their honest feedback on the liqueur, how appealing the scent is, the appeal of the taste and what it left you feeling afterwards."

Potential reviewers should get in touch before the end of February next year, to have a chance of being picked.

You canfind out more about the process here


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