Sainsbury's Launches Vegan White Chocolate And Strawberry Easter Egg In UK

According to the retail giant, the seasonal treat, which is a baby pink color, 'has a moreish milkshake flavored taste'
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Vegan strawberry and white chocolate Easter Egg from Sainsbury's

The pink Easter egg from Sainsbury's

UK retailer Sainsbury's has launched a vegan white chocolate and strawberry Easter egg.

The baby pink egg is described by the supermarket giant as being 'flecked and flavoured with delicious strawberry pieces'.

It adds that the egg has a 'moreish milkshake flavoured taste'.

Vegan Easter

This year has seen a spate of vegan Easter treats being launched, notably a vegan alternative to the traditional Cadbury's Creme Egg, created by mother-daughter company Mummy Meagz.

The egg has, which was developed five years ago, is now available online. Its makers claim it tastes just as good 'if not better' than its dairy-laden counterpart.

"We didn't see why people should miss out on an indulgent Easter treat just because of their ethical lifestyle choices," said Mummy Meagz owner, Meagan Boyle.

"As vegans we don't want to eat any products derived from any animal. To us, a 'regular' cream egg isn't normal, as we don't think drinking milk from a cow is normal!"We'd rather eat something that is made 100 percent from plants, but tastes as good as, if not better than, the dairy alternatives."

Eco-friendly Easter egg

This year sustainably-minded vegans can get their hands on an egg in 100 percent recyclable packaging, created by vegan chocolate company Goupie.

The eggs, which launched last week, come in two flavors - Original Goupie and Salted Sticky Toffee Goupie.They will be packaged in what the company describes as a 'Faberge-style' reusable tin egg, and a fully recyclable Kraft box.

Goupie Brand Manager Grace Simpson told Plant Based News that the company was 'so disappointed with the usual Easter offering' - which usually comes packaged 'in unnecessary plastic molding'.