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Sainsbury's Launches 21 New Meat-Free Products

The release includes a number of plant based meats and ready meals
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UK retail
giant Sainsbury's has launched 21 new vegan and vegetarian products today - including a number
of plant-based meat substitutes.

Expanding range

This move
is just part of the brand's ongoing effort to expand its plant-based

Product Development Manager Rachel Mathews said: "We have a dedicated team here
at Sainsbury’s working on how we diversify our range of vegetarian and vegan
products, across many different supermarket aisles – from exclusive chilled
products through to Love Veg! ready meals and even quick options for on the go."

launch includes products from Tofurkey, 
Linda McCartney, and Vivera - as well as seven own-brand meat-free ready meals.

Naturali' products are designed to closely resemble real meat

Naturali' products are designed to closely resemble real meat


Also among the
21 new products are Scandinavia's Naturli' brand mince and burgers, which
Sainsbury's says are 'designed to look and taste like meat' with the addition of beetroot to provide an 'authentic redness' when cooked.

retailer will follow the model set by Beyond Meat in the US market by selling
Naturali' products in the meat section
- alongside animal products.


In the case
of Beyond Meat, the product placement is aimed at appealing to the masses -
rather than just a 'niche' vegan market - and it appears the same can be said
for Sainsbury's.

said: "There are already over 22 million flexitarians in the UK and we're
seeing more and more of our customers making plant-based foods a key part of
their diet."