Rich Roll Podcast Features 'Ultimate Vegan Weight Loss Secrets'

The episode tracks Chef AJ's journey from chronically overweight to wellness
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Chef AJ shows off her weight loss book (Photo: Instagram)

Chef AJ shows off her weight loss book (Photo: Instagram)

Vegan athlete Rich Roll has created a podcast episode featuring some 'ultimate weight loss secrets'.

The episode features an interview with culinary instructor, public speaker and author Chef AJ, who has been vegan for four decades.

She shares many stories from her journey through food addiction, detailing personal stories about being an obese child, her anorexia and bulimia struggles, and a suicide attempt.

The episode looks at food addiction and Chef AJ's journey to wellness

Food addiction

One of the issues the episode covers in detail is food addiction - which is not yet recognized by most doctors.

Chef AJ says: "To me what food addiction mean is refined food addiction. You're not really addicted to food and eating - if you don't eat you'll die - but there are particular foods, specifically sugar and flour, that are very highly refined carbohydrates that certain people are very vulnerable to the effect of.

"So when we ingest them, they have a more drug-like behavior than food-like behavior. There are people in the world like my husband who can eat sugar and flour in almost any amount and be slender and healthy and not have cravings.

"But there are other people that even a little bit will set us off, and set off the phenomena known as craving, and all we want is more."

You canwatch the filmed podcast here