Free Online Summit To Empower Diabetics Through Plant-Based Diet

The event will allow participants to learn from top-ranking plant-based physicians
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An upcoming event, called the Mastering Diabetes Online Summit, promises to empower diabetics to reverse insulin resistance through the
power of a plant-based diet and 'ground-breaking research' - all within the comfort
of their own homes.

to the virtual summit include more than 30 physicians, researchers, and
best-selling authors - including famed plant-based doctors, John McDougall,
Neal Barnard, and Michael Greger.

knowledge to be shared during the summit stems from 'more than 85 years of
evidence-based research' and is meant to minimize chronic disease risk, foster
weight loss, and put attendees 'in the driver's seat' with respect to their


The summit's
content is pertinent to those with type one, type 1.5, type two, gestational,
and prediabetes - and more than 25,000 people are expected to participate.

entirely free event will take place through live stream, from March 28 to
April 4, starting at 5am pacific time - and free registration is available

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