Veggie Giant Quorn Reports 'Unprecedented' Sales Performance As More People Opt For Meat-Free Food

The company pledged to become a billion-dollar business by 2027
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More people are going meat-free

More people are going meat-free

Quorn Foods - which makes a range of vegetarian and vegan alternative products - has seen its sales soar by 16 percent over the last year to £205 million.

The company, which recently released vegan deli slices in the UK, put the massive growth down to growing global interest in meat-free diets.

According to Quorn concerns around animal welfare, the environment, and health are driving people towards vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian diets.


Quorn Foods CEO, Kevin Brennan, said: "Around the world we are seeing a significant increase in meat-reduction diets, including both flexitarianism and veganism.

"The vegan trend is something that Quorn Foods is responding to with the launch of more and more vegan products such as Quorn Vegan Chicken-free Slices, QuornVegan Hot and Spicy Burger, and Quorn Vegan Fishless Fingers, which are winning around the world."

He said the company plans to continue expanding, while trying to reduce the environmental footprint of its products.