Plant-Based Burger Launched At TGI Fridays Locations Across Taiwan

This marks Beyond Meat's second foray into the Asian market
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Beyond Burger Taiwan Launch

Beyond Meat currently has distribution deals with over 50 countries in progress (Photo: Instagram)

Beyond Meat
has continued its expansion into Asian markets, and is now offering its flagship
product the Beyond Burger at TGI Fridays locations nationwide.


The product became available Taiwanese locations of the popular chain as of July 24 - following its Hong Kong release at The Butchers Club Burger and select luxury hotels earlier this year.

While the
product is technically in a promotional period, the chain has plans to add it to
the permanent menu in two months' time.

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In addition
to Beyond Meat's expansion into Asian markets, the Beyond Burger recently
launched in both Canada, and the UK.

The company
also has plans to expand into Germany and the rest of Europe, Australia, Mexico,
Chile, Israel, UAE, Korea, and South Africa in the works.