Plant-Based Beyond Burger Coming To Canada's 1,000 A&W Restaurants

The companies have confirmed the earlier rumors
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A&W has almost 1,000 outlets across Canada

A&W has almost 1,000 outlets across Canada

The plant-based Beyond Burger will launch in Canadian fast food chain A&W next month.

The brand - Beyond Meat's largest restaurant partner yet - will offer the patty at all its restaurants across Canada, nearly 1000 outlets.

A&W's Beyond Meat Burger will feature a classic build of lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and mayo - as well as the high-tech patty. Customers will also be able to substitute the Beyond Patty for a beef patty in any other A&W burger for a $1.49 surcharge.

It will launch on July 9.

'Burger loving'

Susan Senecal, A&W Canada's President and Chief Executive Officer, said: "We are a burger-loving company with a lot of firsts, but this is the fastest new-product launch in our history.

"When we tried the Beyond Meat Burger we were amazed with how great it tasted and knew we had to be the first national burger chain to bring it to Canadians across the country.

"Our guests tell us that they want a range of great tasting burgers, and A&W's Beyond Meat Burger will be a new option to try. It's a true, full-flavoured burger experience that we can't wait to share."

The Beyond Burger at A&W

The Beyond Burger at A&W

Step forward

Ethan Brown, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Meat, added: "Our partnership with the iconic A&W brand is a tremendous step forward for Beyond Meat and, correspondingly, consumers who are seeking broader access to healthy and sustainable options for the center of the plate.

"We recognize in A&W a shared commitment to innovation and delighting the customer, and are pleased to together introduce the Beyond Burger to the Canadian market."