Pizza Hut To Expand Vegan Menu After Sales Almost Double Target

The fast-food chain promised customers it'd permanently sell its vegan pizza if it sold over 10,000 during Veganuary
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Pizza Hut vegan jackfruit pizza

Pizza Hut's vegan jackfruit pizza (Photo: Supplied)

Pizza Hut UK's vegan jackfruit pizza is to become a permanent fixture on the menu, following the success of its launch earlier this month.

Pizza Hut UK tweeted: "If 10,000 people order a Vegan Pizza this January, our new Vegan Jackfruit Pizza will stay forever. To track this, we've installed a Vegan-o-meter putting you in control!"

In the first two weeks, it sold over nine thousand vegan pizzas. After 17,700 orders, Pizza Hut announced on Facebook their vegan pizza will be available in March, as a permanent fixture on their menu.

'A little something extra lined up'

The chain also hinted at an additional vegan release, writing on Facebook: "We might have a little something extra lined up too."

The news was well received on social media, with one vegan tweeting: "Yes Lord. The Pizza Hut vegan pizza is here to STAY! Demand & supply is HIGH in the vegan community atm we have almost doubled their target."

Pizza hut also shared a post showing the other vegan items it stocks, such as its famous 'bacon' bits.