New Report Credits Veganism For Growth Of Dairy-Free Market

Sales are projected to increase in the dairy-free yogurt industry
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Dairy Free Yogurt Industry

The report also cited lactose intolerance, and health consciousness as reasons for growth (Photo: Instagram)

A new report, released by Research And Markets, has highlighted veganism, health concerns, and lactose intolerance as major reasons for growth within the dairy-free yogurt market.

'Leading market share'

The report examined data from 2016 and 2017 to generate a sales forecast covering the followings even years.

The sector is reportedly expected to hold the 'leading market share' going forward.

Dairy-free Oatly

Oatly was listed as a top performer in dairy-free yogurt sales (Photo: Instagram)

Changing demand

Cited under drivers for the industry's growth are a rise in lactose intolerance, increasing health consciousness, and 'growing consumer preference for a vegan diet'.

This is by no means the only instance in which demand for vegan products has been cited asa reason for industry growth - the egg replacement market is also expected to soar in coming years.


Top performers in dairy-free yogurt sales listed include brands such as Oatly, Kite Hill, and Almande.

The report cited increased demand and tactful marketing as opportunities for such companies to continue to excel in their market.