UK Supermarket Morrisons Launches Vegan Cornish Pasty

The meal will contain vegan mince, as well as the traditional seasoned mix of potato, swede, and onion carefully wrapped pastry
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Vegan cornish pasty

The Cornish Pasty is launching today in Morrisons (Photo: Supplied)

Morrisons is the first UK supermarket to launch a vegan Cornish-style pasty from its bakery counter - which will be available from today.

Handmade in Cornwall, the 'Corn-ish' Pasty will replicate its traditional counterpart in flavor and composition, featuring vegan mince and a seasoned mix of potato, swede, and onion wrapped in pastry.

Vegan Morrisons

"Some of our customers want to cut down on their red meat intake, so we wanted to offer a pasty that's meat-free and as delicious as the original," Morrisons Pasty Buyer, Steve Halford, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

The product joins Morrison's growing line of vegan options. Last year, the store launched its own range of vegan products called V Taste, which features more than 10 products, includes two flavors of vegan cupcakes - red velvet and chocolate - as well as a number of savory dishes. These include Lentil Hotpot, 3 Bean Chilli Non Carne, and Vegetarian Quarter Pounders, among others. All items are priced between £1 and £3.

It has since added vegan mozzarella sticks, BBQ Jackfruit Mini Hot Dogs, pigs in blankets, and jackfruit pizza among other meals.

Morrisons Corn-ish Vegan Pasty launches in stores across the UK today and is part of the new vegan range available at Pie Shop counters, costing £1.75.

*Updated on July 9 to reflect that Morrisons is the first UK supermarket to sell a vegan Cornish Pasty from its bakery counter.