MorningStar Farms Launches New Vegan 'Chicken' Range

The brand says more people are opting for plant-based foods
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Vegan chicken products from Morningstar farms

The range has had a vegan revamp (Photo: Supplied)

Major food producer MorningStar Farms has launched a new vegan chicken range.

The line includes a totally new product - Vegan BBQ Chik’N Nuggets, as well as old products that have been reformulated so they are now plant-based, including Buffalo Wings, Chik’N Nuggets, Buffalo Chik Patties and Original Chik Patties.

Vegan choices

A statement sent to Plant Based News said: "Many people are looking for new ways to incorporate meatless options into their diets. A recent study by NPD group found that 86 percent of the 43 million U.S. consumers who regularly use plant-based alternatives don't identify as vegan or vegetarian.

"The study also revealed that in-home consumption of plant-based foods are up 24 percent from 2015. Some opt to reduce or eliminate meat as a lifestyle change or to better the environment, while others simply enjoy the taste of plant-protein and want more of it.

"Veganism and flexitarianism are on the rise and MorningStar Farms is continuing to deliver food that everyone can enjoy, regardless of diet or lifestyle."