Vegan Star Miley Cyrus Releases TV Ad For Her Collaboration With Converse

The star has said she in 'in love' with the range
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Earlier this year, singer Miley Cyrus revealed she was teaming up with Converse to release her own line of sneakers.

Cyrus announced the collaboration in June, and showed off the designs in November.

Posing with the sneakers - which include a pink pair with glittery soles, a black pair with white soles, and bubblegum pink high-tops - the singer said she was 'in love' with the range. 

The range is part of Converse's Pride collection - the net proceeds of which go to the It Gets Better Project and The Happy Hippie Foundation - a nonprofit founded by Cyrus to help inspire young people to fight against the injustice facing homeless LGBTQ+ young people.

Cyrus shared pics of the shoes in November (Photo: Instagram)

Cyrus shared pics of the shoes in November (Photo: Instagram)


In the ad - which aired during Monday's episode of TV show The Voice - Cyrus says Chucks have 'always been of who [she is]'.

She adds: "But who I am, is always changing.

"No one stays the same."

Cyrus in the advert (Photo: Converse)

Cyrus in the advert (Photo: Converse)


While a number of Converse's shoes are not suitable for vegans, earlier this year, the brand teamed up with pro skater Kenny Anderson.

Anderson, a vegan of three years, insisted that his collaboration with the brand was animal-free.

While Cyrus has not yet made a statement regarding the status of this new line, conversations Converse has had online with customers suggests the shoes (and specifically the glue used) are suitable for vegans.

PBN has contacted Converse to request information about the materials used to make the shoes.