Metro Reveals Best Vegan Mac And Cheese Ever - And How To Make It

Even omnis will enjoy this indulgent dish
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Is this the best mac and cheese on the planet? (Photo: By Chloe Instagram)

Is this the best mac and cheese on the planet? (Photo: By Chloe Instagram)

Online news giant The Metro has revealed who makes the best ever vegan mac and cheese.

According to writer Oliver McAteer, even the staunchest of omnivores would enjoy this version.

He writes: "There are some incredible alternatives that — dare I say it — taste even better than the real thing (butternut squash being a personal favorite of mine).

"But one chef has nailed it. He’s created the holy grail of vegan mac and cheese, and everyone must try it, with no exceptions."


According to McAteer, the best vegan mac and cheese is made by Manuel Trevino, corporate executive chef at by CHLOE.

He told The Metro's US site: "We worked hard to create a recipe that was light and delicious, while still giving customers that creamy, cheesy, and indulgent experience you expect when eating a bowl of mac and cheese.

"Sweet potatoes and cashews combine together to make a super creamy sauce that we accent with flavors like Dijon mustard, and top with our addictive shiitake bacon for an extra crunch of salty umami. 

"The result is one of my favorites on the entire menu."

You can find the recipe for the mac and cheesehere.


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